Verus Engine is free for non-commercial use

You have the opportunity to make free games, examine the code, create video content with free access using the engine, and so on.

Commercial License

To use the engine for profit, you can:

  • Purchase VerusEdit Pro, the official editor for Verus Engine. Ownership of the editor grants you the right to use the engine for commercial purposes. (Coming Soon)
  • If you have an interesting project* in mind, send me an email with its description, and perhaps you will receive a commercial license for free. (Limited time offer)
  • If you have a very interesting project* in your mind and you are seeking a bright programmer for your team, write to me, and perhaps I will work with you on your game. (Limited time offer)

* – whether the project is interesting or not is my subjective opinion. In no case do I want to offend anyone with my assessment.