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Verus Engine is an open source 3D game engine

What is Verus Engine?


Verus Engine is a modern, platform-agnostic 3D game engine. It is developed using C++ and HLSL. It is based on Direct3D 12 and Vulkan graphics APIs. The code is user friendly and well optimized. The engine is intended to be a full-featured solution for making games. It includes modules to handle input, audio, networking and other things. Hence there is no need to search for third-party libraries or write custom code.


Verus Engine is free for non-commercial use.

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VerusEdit is an official editor for Verus Engine

VerusEdit VerusEdit VerusEdit

VerusEdit Lite is a free version of VerusEdit with all available features.

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Supported systems

  • Windows 10, 8, 8.1 (via Vulkan renderer)
  • 64-bit only, 32-bit is not supported

Supported graphics libraries

  • Vulkan (SDK)
  • Direct3D 12

Some third-party dependencies


  • Native cross-platform code
  • Same HLSL shader code for all APIs
  • Deferred shading
  • Efficient textures and streaming
  • Large terrain support
  • Built-in audio system
  • Multiplayer support
  • Custom user interface module
  • Collision and physics support
  • A bunch of post-processing effects
  • Filesystem abstraction
  • Other things
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VerusEdit 0.5 Is Here

Exciting news, everyone!

VerusEdit, the official editor for Verus Engine, is released and available for immediate download.

Check out this page for more information.


Thoughts on Engines

You could ask me: why produce another engine? Indeed, nowadays on the market there is a sufficient number of popular engines starting with the letter «U» and other beautiful letters. And this is great. But I think that there should always be a place for some alternative. The industry does not stand still, the world is changing. Some technologies come, others go, and some are no longer supported for various reasons, which are not always clear to me.

So why create another engine after all? Probably in 2021, it makes no sense to create a game engine from scratch. But Verus Engine started its life around 2007, when things were different. It was developed in parallel with other engines. And now it exists and does not need to be created from scratch. This is not the engine that was built yesterday. Some stable parts of Verus Engine are over ten years old. However, in 2020 it underwent significant changes and was seriously rejuvenated.