VerusEdit is an official editor for Verus Engine

VerusEdit VerusEdit VerusEdit

VerusEdit is built using Verus Engine. It is inspired by Blender and other amazing software.

VerusEdit Lite is a free version of VerusEdit with all available features.

VerusEdit has these features:

  • Load and view existing X3D meshes.
  • Convert your own glTF to X3D.
  • Adjust materials and immediately see the results.
  • View and adjust XAN animation files.
  • Inspect number of vertices, faces and other parameters. See wireframe and bounds of the mesh.
  • View and configure particle systems.
  • Edit the terrain. Paint height and layers. Create new terrain using heightmap.
  • Load level models and add their instances to the scene.
  • Save your new level as XXX file. Also save motion and material files.
  • VerusEdit also includes some demo meshes and levels.

There are 3 modes which you can choose: ANIMATION, LEVEL and PARTICLES.

VerusEdit also includes these standalone utilities:

  • TextureTool – convert your color and normal map images to DDS with BC7 compression.
  • PAKBuilder – build PAK files, which combine multiple assets into a single compressed file.

Almost all of the above files and formats are loaded and used by Verus Engine.

You can download VerusEdit Lite here.

Latest version: 0.8

Download VerusEdit Lite